SUGEN Face to Face Meeting

A Great Experience for SUGEN SAP Influencers. A meeting where the topic “the ease of doing business with SAP” was high on the agenda. For this topic the SUGEN community had collected input from all member groups, input which was shared in sessions that were set up with SAP representatives. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer, Martin Brownsword on 22/11/2017 19:54

Need a new approach to SAP Security to achieve GDPR compliance?

Studies show that insider fraud and manipulation are the most prevalent dangers to today’s SAP environments and that traditional password controls are inadequate in dealing with these threats. This means that many, if not most companies face the challenge of needing a new approach to SAP Security to prevent fraud and GDPR violations. More...

— posted by Martin Brownsword on 17/11/2017 11:34

Highlights from the HR track

We are in a time of fast technological changes, yet also in a time where supportive and stabile systems as a base is extremely important. The role of people in an organisation is integral to this change, thus making it essential to run HR processes correctly and cost efficiently. These elements were drivers of the HR track at the SBN Conference. More...

— posted by Thea Cecilie Nilsen on 15/11/2017 10:38

Another excellent conference

We thank all participants, partners and lecturers for a great effort. The feedback we received is (again) overwhelming and confirms that our conference is something our members appreciate. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer, Andries Van Bruggen on 02/11/2017 06:44

Webinar – The Key Challenges GDPR brings to SAP Customers

Join itelligence's webinar on 9th November and hear Andy Steer, CTO, itelligence UK, explain the critical next steps you should take for your business. From auditing and risk analysis on current SAP environments to reviewing data collection processes, policies and procedures, Andy will provide best practice advice and guidance for reducing your exposure to GDPR risk.

See you at Webinar – The Key Challenges GDPR brings to SAP Customers

Automatic follow-up of self-notification days in the IA scheme

If the company is a member of the IA scheme, the employee can use his / her own registration for a total of 24 days within 12 months. Many find it difficult to follow up on the last 12 months and doing it continously. Sariba has developed a method for this in Tid which can be implemented for anyone who wants it. More...

— posted by Ole Stokkeland, Cathrine Kjær Christensen on 19/10/2017 08:27

Christian Klein to the SAP Executive Board

WALLDORF — SAP SE announces the appointment of Christian Klein to the SAP Executive Board effective Jan. 1, 2018. More...

— posted by Cathrine Kjær Christensen on 13/10/2017 07:59

2 Workshops in the area of Human Resource

Interactive session with very open discussion on Salary and regulatory reporting. The discussion focuses on news and issues. The second workshop is also an Interactive Session, this session on: "How To" in the area of GDPR and Human Resource, More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 13/10/2017 07:46

The importance of partnerships, platforms, and the power of ecosystems

This is an era of new possibilities. SAP, like all its customers, is facing enormous changes in the workplace. We have to remember there is a human side of digital transformation. I firmly believe digitalization doesn’t destroy jobs, but job profiles are changing and there is without doubt a shift in skills. New technologies, data analytics, and social media impact the way we communicate, collaborate, and work. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 10/10/2017 06:09

Time passes, Indirect Usage is still here

As you know, and might've read in our newsletter, SAP is working on two processes with Indirect Usage. More...

— posted by Andries Van Bruggen on 09/10/2017 17:00

Make the impossible journey towards GDPR possible!

Do you understand the new data protection regulation (GDPR) and is your company ready for the journey? Together with PWC, itelligence invites you to a GDPR seminar October 31st 2017 at Varna Palæet in Aarhus, Denmark. More...

— posted by Stina Schmiedel, Joakim Löves on 05/10/2017 09:22

Be part of the new, now.

Accenture has a long history with the SBN conference, and is one of the main sponsors this year as well. Together with their clients, they proudly announce three interesting presentations.  More...

— posted by Joakim Löves, Øystein Christoffersen on 04/10/2017 12:50

Public, Private Cloud and on Premise - I will explain the difference

Public Cloud – To explain this, I could use the analogy of how my Mum uses her Smartphone. She comes to me and tells me what she wants, I set it up and she uses it. When she wants something difficult, I tell her that the phone can’t do that... More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 03/10/2017 06:44

Digital KPIs will become your enterprise compass

“Digital KPIs will become your enterprise compass, built into the performance objectives of every leader in the organization. These digital KPIs must measure leading, not lagging, indicators,” Said by Mr. Peter Sondergaard, executive vice president and member of Gartner's operating committee. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 03/10/2017 05:51

Zalaris acquires ROC Global Solution Consulting Limited

Zalaris ASA has today agreed and completed the acquisition of 100 percent of the shares in ROC Global Solution Consulting Limited (ROC), a UK based human resources consulting company. More...

— posted by Cathrine Kjær Christensen on 28/09/2017 07:12

Bring a Friend

Perhaps we have even underestimated the potential for savings in Blockchain...? There are so many exiting process improvement possibilities. Join us at the SBN Conference and discuss the ideas! Why not bring a friend?  It's well-invested time! More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 26/09/2017 11:02


Webmøte: Fremtidens HR

SAP Tools for Transformation Benchmarking HR
Learn and discuss in our web meeting, 09:00 - 10:00


SAP Knowledge Transfer

SAP SuccessFactors is putting people at the heart of business digital transformation  
Webcast, 20:00 - 21:00


Webinar: The Innovation Imperative of a Digital Strategy – Challenges and Opportunities

Digital transformation can feel overwhelming – how can you bring game-changing innovation to your company in a way that is manageable, scalable, and affordable? Join Robert (Bob) Parker, Group Vice President at IDC, for a special Webinar on November 28 to address this issue. Bob will share the latest IDC research on digital transformationenabled by the Internet of Things (IoT).
Webcast, 17:00 - 18:00


Webmøte: Fremtidens HR

Nyheter om SuccessFactors og fremtiden til norsk tid og lønn. Erfaringsutveksling fra HR 2017
Learn and discuss in our web meeting, 09:00 - 10:00

Mar '18

SAP User Group SIG Leads Meet SAP Expert

Leaders of InnoTeams are the target group. Attending is on invitation only.
Walldorf, 06 Mar 13:00 - 07 Mar 14:00

Apr '18

InnoTeam: MasterData

Let's meet, learn, discuss and network within the area of MasterData. Mark your calendar for April 25, 2018.
09:00 - 16:00

Apr '18

InnoTeam: License

Let's meet, learn, discuss and network within the area of License. Mark your calendar for April 26, 2018.
09:00 - 16:00

May '18

InnoTeam: HR

Let's meet, learn, discuss and network within the area of HR. Mark your calendar for May 23, 2018.
09:00 - 16:00

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