Want to know more about Treasury and Cash Management with SAP S/4HANA?

Mark March 1 at 9:00 in your calendar for this web meeting! Christian Schmid, SAP Treasury Solution Expert, will give you a thorough overview of S/4HANA Treasury Management Solution Portfolio with a strong focus on new innovations in the solution along with roadmap and strategic direction.  More...

— posted by Didrik Arstad on 18/02/2019 08:00

SAP Adoption Starter Program – Half Day Meeting at SAP

A great day for all attendees – informative, well presented, interactive and for many a real offer of free help and assistance from SAP on the journey to S/4 HANA. More...

— posted by Martin Brownsword on 14/02/2019 09:21

Sariba is growing and searching for new colleagues

Sariba needs to hire both consultants and project leaders within the fields of SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. Working in Sariba is developing, demanding and fun. The atmosphere is open, generous and everyone works hard to find the best solution for the customers. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 13/02/2019 08:33

Would you like to know more about SAP's solutions for Procurement - join our web meeting on February 15.

Helge Aarvik from SAP will lead us through 2 web meetings which will help us learn more about which tools SAP has to support the procurement processes and how these complement each other. More...

— posted by Bernt Bakken on 12/02/2019 10:40

New employees in Bouvet

Bouvet is experiencing great demand and is strengthening its SAP team with the employment of two developers and two functional consultants. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 07/02/2019 08:03

S5 Consulting and DT won SAP Innovation Forum Run Live Sprint

A team from Disruptive Technologies, S5 Consulting and SAP delivered the best solution during SAP Innovation Forum Nordics, 2018 (Copenhagen). The solution was done for Trygfonden - a Danish foundation working to make Denmark a safer place to be. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 07/02/2019 07:48

Digitalize Your Manual Document Handling

Forget about human errors. Improve work efficiency, while saving money. All with itelligence cloud automation service it.capture that is based on robot software and artificial intelligence. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 07/02/2019 07:04

Roundtable discussions with SAP President, EMEA North, Brian Duffy

SAP President, EMEA North, Brian Duffy, invited the regions user groups again to roundtable discussions. In addition to Brian Duffy, SAP were represented by the leader of the regional customer office Angela Massey (Head of Customer Office, SAP EMEA North( and Brian Duffys communication lead, Ellen Hudson (Executive Communications) From the SAP Global User Group Organisation, Indrajanto Müller-Gaska. The meeting delegates came from the respective user groups and consisted of staff and voluntary board representatives. Norway were represented by Eva-Maria Fahrer, SBN CEO, Joakim Löves, Partner Manager and Backoffice Technology and Bente Boger, SBN’s Vice Chairman from the Norwegian Armed Forces. More...

— posted by Bente Boger on 07/02/2019 06:49

Earn badges on SAP Community

Add your openSAP achievements to your completed missions on SAP Community and earn badges on SAP Community. This is a new functionality.   More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/02/2019 10:29

Simple, unbiased overview of S/4 HANA

There is a lot of interest these days in SAP’s S/4 HANA as 2025 approaches and SAP are helping to fuel this interest with their latest S/4 HANA initiative – MOVE including the S/4 HANA Adoption Starter program that SBN is helping to promote. Our members keep telling us that they want S/4 HANA information without the hype, exaggerated claims and salesman type explanations so we’ve decided to reprint an interesting, unbiased publication from ComputerWorld which they describe as an e-guide entitled “The long march of S/4 HANA”. More...

— posted by Martin Brownsword on 06/02/2019 07:19

Tip for Podcast -The future of leadership in the twenty-first century

Tip for Podcast -The future of leadership in the twenty-first century. Discussions with from former U.S. presidents, first ladies, and secretaries of state to business titans from every industry and corner of the globe, the event has hosted prestigious leaders and has grown exponentially in the last few years. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 05/02/2019 13:32

Sariba People Centric

On December 19, 2018, Sariba's People Centric solution, was approved as the first SuccessFactors solution in Norway by SAP as a SAP-Qualified Partner Package Solution. The solution is now available and launched in the Norwegian market. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 04/02/2019 14:36

Meet Directors for SAP Product Management

In this serie of web-meetings we will meet SAP Product Management for EarlyWatch, SAP JAM and SAP Business One. It will be in the format of an interactive interview where they will share a little about how they work with development and improvements. They will also touch in on the work that is being done to ensure the quality of the solution. Join this "tour on the inside of SAP” and learn more about how SAP works and the Solutions they are so proud they have developed with their team and represent. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 03/02/2019 19:20

SAP FIORI B2B webshop from S5 Consulting streamlines customer service at Orkla

The Orkla company Orkla Home & Personal Care (formerly "Lilleborgs dagligvare") have for several years received orders on EDI from their largest customers, but they also have many export and other customers who send orders by mail. Demand for streamlining customer service resulted in a Business Case that would look at how to reduce manual handling and instead increase customer self-service. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 31/01/2019 11:00

Painfree daylife + less noise = SAP SuccessFactors

How do companies win the battle of the most talented employees, keep them interested and develop the workforce for the future? This is an increasing issue requiring ressources, planning and tools within HR. More...

— posted by Cathrine Kjær Christensen on 29/01/2019 14:59

SAP Outsourcing: Take a Look Inside itelligence Data Centers

Have you ever asked yourself what a data center looks like on the inside? Do you know how your data is kept secure when you opt for SAP outsourcing? itelligence new mini documentary answers your questions and gives you a quick insight into their data centers. More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 24/01/2019 09:03

Webinar: Improve your HR data quality

Wrong data leads to wrong decisions. Wrong decisions reduce the trust in data. What will the consequences be when your data do not have a sufficient quality level? More...

— posted by Joakim Löves on 24/01/2019 08:43

A mix of Leonardo Technology and Process Improvements to create value

A carefully selected mix of Leonardo Technology and Process Improvements is the base for the SBN program of this spring to create as much value as possible for your spent time. Join our events to get the latest and greatest selected by our Senior Management. More...

— posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 23/01/2019 19:31

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