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The 3rd Regional Roundtable in Dublin, JAN 28th 2019

SAP President, EMEA North, Brian Duffy, invited the regions user groups again to roundtable discussions. In addition to Brian Duffy, SAP were represented by Angela Massey (Head of Customer Office, SAP EMEA North) and Ellen Hudson (Executive Communications).

From the SAP Global User Group Organisation, Indrajanto Müller-Gaska. The meeting delegates came from the respective user groups and consisted of staff and voluntary board representatives.

Norway was represented by Eva-Maria Fahrer, SBN CEO, Joakim Löves, Partner Manager and Backoffice Technology and Bente Boger, SBN’s Vice Chairman from the Norwegian Armed Forces.


The meeting started with Brian introducing his relatively, new organisation, which will provide support and assistance for product, sales, marketing and user support across the region. From a customer perspective, it was extremely encouraging to hear how SAP have organised their regional support organisation. One of the aims is to continuously, analyse customer requests (OSS requests) to be able to propose appropriate actions.

Next we received insight into their strategic guidelines for 2019 which can be summed up as:

Lead – customers to implement end-to-end solutions that create something new. SAP want customers to be successful in their businesses, that customers engage and SAP are willing to meet them half way to create new possibilities for both parties.

Focus – on how and why customers should migrate to S/4HANA now. To express the vision of the Intelligent Enterprise and last, but not least, focus on own employee’s wellbeing.

Growth – growth will occur through cloud solutions with special emphasis on user experience (CX = Customer Experience). In addition, the focus is on an increase in S/4HANA migrations. In response to the question why it is so important to start with that now, Brian replied that the new solutions have better and more effective organisation of data in the HANA database which together with the new S/4HANA functionality provides a much better and faster basis for decision making in a company.

Customer First Program is still extremely important for Brian and his organisation. Every engagement with SAP should be regarded as positive. SAP will measure their own success through the success of their customers. They want that their solutions provide a visible effect on each customer’s respective bottom line.

Customer engagement is also confirmed through the new Customer Experience Executive support function, which will now, to a much larger extent, provide the customer with situation relevant advice and competence in real time. And SAP will use their own analytical tools to provide the required information to support this process.

User Group Growth is an internal project in SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network). Our own Eva-Maria from SBN is leading this project and she shared a presentation in which she highlighted the common challenges that user groups have and proposed actions that can be taken to increase user group growth. Key points were: user groups are the customers combined point of contact with SAP and as such share knowledge and create opportunities for customers to share knowledge and to network with their peers. Although the user groups are independent from SAP it is important to cooperate and collaborate with SAP even though this can be difficult at times.

The presentation created good discussion, which will be followed up by the SAP regional organisation and within SUGEN.  There is a clear desire and interest from SAP to support the local user groups and we left the meeting with a good feeling and knowledge that this type of dialogue provides value for both parties!

Bente Boger, Vice President SBN, employee in the Norwegian Defense

posted by Bente Boger on 07/02/2019 06:49
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