Symtrax validate your documents without having to print

Symtrax, an SBN partner and sponsor, have a webinar coming up on January, 25th, 2019 as a continuation of their story on document and output management for SAP. This session will focus primarily on the benefits of being able to sign and validate your SAP documents and forms without having to print them first. Some of these benefits are:

Improved document workflow with digital signature integration
Numerous application-produced documents require signatures, from either internal or external sources. You can send a simple link via email and let business partners insert their name, date, and signature in one click, whether it’s from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Connected recipients around the world
The easy-to-use Compleo WebSign online responsive interface is both iOS and Android compatible and is designed to adapt to any kind of support.

Easy approval process: no pre-registration required
Authentication of a signed pdf is handled by a centralized certificate. All traceability details are securely stored in the pdf itself. The ID card is part of the document and may be easily accessed, avoiding lookups and referrals to the system log.

Automated processes to handle large volumes of documents
Compleo WebSign works hand-in-hand with other Compleo modules. The entire document management process is fully automated, from commercial document creation, to signatures, to distribution, and finally to internal or cloud storage. You can easily accommodate up to 50,000 ERP, CRM, or BPM-produced documents a day with an entry-level configuration while increasing your organization’s commercial document traceability with digital acknowledgement.

Below are the steps from order issue to a final, validated order:


For more details and to register for this free webinar, please use this link


posted by Martin Brownsword on 22/01/2019 15:55
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