To make the SAP Customers life as smooth as possible for our members is our major mission. This is a short report from our annual meeting and what we in SBN accomplished in 2017.

We held our annual meeting the Friday before easter. It was possible to join Face to Face or on distance for members. This was the first annual meeting in the right time-period of the year in 10 years. This change was very positive! We are now looking at reports which are only 2,5 months old, and electing people to the board who are to have these seats the coming year and not the year just passed :-). Next year we hope to run the meeting in end of January or beginning of February.

Accomplishments in 2017:
1) The new licening-model which whas published the 10th of April is a good example of our strength. The new model is transparent and will help our members to a smoother day to day life and even reduced cost. We have become a strong customer voice, joint with 16 other User Groups Globally by our commitments to and engagements in the international User Group SUGEN.
2) 20% more people attended our events in 2017 which shows we did focus on the right subjects.
3) The Annual meeting was moved back to the beginning of the year. In addition we opened the possibility to join remote.
There are off course lots of other things. Read our annual SBN report here.
Link to the meeting presence on web.

Pictures from the meeting

From left. Johan Rusaanes FMCTechnip, Eigil Bjelde Jensen Norske Skog, Bente Boger, Norwegian Defense,
Hans Butenschøn FredOlsen (meeting leader) and Roar Hvidsten Coop.

posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 12/04/2018 06:04
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