Freddy HafskjoldAfter the election committee represented by Andries van Bruggen at the conference 2013
presented the proposal for the SBN Core Leadership Team for 2014,
Freddy Hafskjold, Statkraft AS was elected into the Core Leadership Team of SBN.

We thank Freddy for his dedication and work for SBN. 

Freddy has been in the CLT for 4 years.
See the SBN CLT today on this link. We will be back with more information about our new CLT members after our first Face to Face meeting the 6th of December.

We are very happy to have Freddy as a member of the Finance Leadership Team, run by Didrik Arstad. Based on Freddy's extensive knowledge and long experience he will support us in building the best activities and influencing of SAP solutions in the Financial area. In addition, Freddy will be in the election committee for forthcoming elections.

See below, for picture from meeting last week. In picture, Hans Butenschøn, the leader of the SBN CLT and I met Freddy to thank him for his time in the CLT.

Freddy Hafskjold and Hans Butenschøn SBN Core Leadership Team

posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 27/11/2017 16:17
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