SAP Quality Award SBN Conference 2017

EM Fahrer SAP Quality Awards 2017 I’m proud of the value we have generated for our members in 2017

 In beginning of 2018 we will summarise the year and create all the official
 numbers of participants at the SBN Conference, our Web meetings,
 our InnoTeam Face To Face meetings, our Information Transfers and our Knowledge Transfers. Today, my "gut" feeling and the preliminary figures say that this will be the most value creating and productive year ever for our members.


Our amazing, super InnoTeam leaders have done a fantastic work.

Many have attended our events, which is a good value measure of the topics. The topics must have been very relevant in our meetings (Innovation Team Meetings and Web meetings)
Elin Ørjesæter Teha Nielsen SBN Conference

The quality has also been very high, based on the evaluations we get from our participants.

Of course our InnoTeam leaders could not have made it without the super support they get from our back-office and all the amazing volunteers in the SBN organisation. Our SBN Core Leadership team leader does fantastic work together with the rest of the board and most of the volunteers in the InnoTeam leader teams. I will come back to this many times in the coming months. Next up is an SBN CLT meeting on December 6th and then an HR LT meeting December 12th. I almost forgot our wonderful partners, without them it would not have been possible either :-)

PetterNatås Didrik Arstad Finance SBN Hydro

SAP listens to us and we can proudly point to valuable results coming from the International User Group Collaboration we are part of through SUGEN. Not only do SAP make changes in direction based on input from customers but we are also part of an information flow which makes it possible for us to understand up front and take the right decisions. This information flow and our meetings help you to make the right decisions in your daily work.

Possibilities open fast and the Road Map from yesterday belongs to yesterday. The Road Map from tomorrow is not yet defined.

The choice SAP has made to integrate sensor-data, machine learning etc into business processes will make it possible to create the Road Map of tomorrow when the demand for this Road Map has been identified. We will help you to understand the possibilities and which pieces can be used without upgrading to HANA. We will help our members to take the right decisions for investments by sharing the most interesting and selective information.


In our planning for 2018 we have topics like
“Emerging Technologies”, IoT, the new Financials etc


In 2018 we are also addressing the Next Generation.

We are creating a Hackathon together with the large Nordic Universities! What makes it interesting is we will run it simultaneously in all the different locations. We have judges who will evaluate the results remotely and lots of other administrative challenges that belong to an event of the future.
Would you like to know more about the Hackathon?
Read more on this link or talk to me, Joakim Löves or Martin Brownsword or just send an e-mail to
Images from; SAP Quality Award celebration at the SBN Conference 2017, 

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