BLockchainPerhaps we have even underestimated the potential for savings in Blockchain...?
There are so many exiting process improvement possibilities.
Join us at the BN Conference and discuss the ideas!
Why not bring a friend?  It's well-invested time!

"Energy, retail, aviation and pharmaceuticals are among the complex industries that could benefit from blockchain’s ability to track and trace the billions of component parts, raw materials and food products traveling across inbound supply chains.

“With established provenance, the real goods can’t be swapped out for fakes, which does happen,” said Fox. “If components that arrive at an energy plant aren’t the authentic ones certified for that heavily regulated industry, that’s a major risk. The same applies to food, where retailers need to verify that items were grown from a certain location, harvested in a sustainable way, and shipped at a certain temperature the entire route. The dirty secret is that it’s been impossible for many of these industries to have trustworthy verification of their goods, and the stakes are high.”

Preventing fraudulent goods from entering the supply chains protects the brand while ensuring consumer safety. “Amazon is offering refunds to customers who purchased potentially counterfeit solar eclipse glasses, but blockchain validation might have prevented it from happening at all,” said Fox. “On the recall side, blockchain could help companies immediately contact consumers that purchased fraudulent, unsafe products.”" 
Read the full story by Susan Galer  on this link.
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One example at the SBN Conference is:
Increase sales and lower cost with Risk Management in Procurement

”Today’s business environment is subject to more disruptions than ever before. Some disruptions can be devastating. Even so our experience and research show that when organizations manage risks and 3rd party relationships in a slightly different way many disruptions can be avoided and some can even be turned into opportunities which increase sales and lower costs.”

Joakim Lundgren will share knowledge from real life experiences and research.

Joakim Lundgren

 Joakim Lundgren - Advisor & Senior Consultant, Stretch Norge AS



The Future of Digital

Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things and associated technologies (blockchain, machine learning, edge computing, etc.) are the latest hotness. Organisations are scrambling to get up to speed on them before their competitors, or some young start-up completely disrupts them.

Right now, these digital innovation systems are, roughly speaking at the same level of maturity as the web was in 1996. So where are these new digital technologies taking us? What is coming down the line, and how will these changes affect my organisation, my wallet, and the planet?

Join Tom Raftery in this year’s SBN event as he unpacks what the Future of Digitisation is going to bring us.

Tom Raftery - Global VP, Futurist, & Internet of Things Evangelist, SAP Spain


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