In our survey, we asked about your job role and I wrote about the result you gave us in your replies.
See the article on this link:…

I'm proud to inform you the results show we do have
Decision makers as well as the Business people on-boarded. 

I am now returning on those statistics. It was the first-time we asked you about your job role so it cant be compared backwards but I have ideas on why the numbers show what they show.

I hereby present statistics from the survey. In general regarding the Survey, it could have been more replies and we are actively addressing this problem during the autumn to have more participants in the Christmas New Year survey we do this year.


Top 3 for Job Areas.

People replying to the Survey say they work in these areas:
45% are from Information technology
42% from the Logistic area
36% from Finance

This is a change from previous years where the IT share has been bigger and HR has been in second place. Why HR has moved out of the top 3 and is now on 4th position with 28%, followed by Markting, e-com etc is difficult to say but I presume this is because the S/4HANA is hot and the newest new SAP functionality is the top 3 areas.

The reduction in the share of IT is most likely because the other areas have grown and IT has stayed the same.

SBN-Adfahrer Summer Survey


The Top 3 for Job Role

45% Specialist
38% Decision Maker
31% Subject Matter Expert

Interesting is the 38% for Decision makers. See the picture, where you can see the exact questions which was replied to. This is the first time we ask for job role so I cant compare with previous years but this is what I had expected or even a little less than I had expected but way above what I often hear from people around us. It is nice this time to be able to refer to facts as we get into this discussion.

Our activities have very often the more strategic angle of the topic and never or very seldon cover the “hands-on” problem . In addition we have been active since 1993 and in Norway since 1997.

We are an old organisation and this means our member base has grown with us. They joined in young years and have made career. These people share their knowledge and off course this becomes interesting for other people on the same level.

SBN-Adfahrer Summer Survey


EM FahrerI look forward to see you at the SBN Conference where we

  • The first day cover “The way to S/4HANA” and Quick Wins.
  • The second day is future and strategy …

Its possible to register for one day only. If you register for the full conference also the “Dinner Night” is included.

See you!

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