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These days IT is so full of hype and buzzwords that it is difficult to know what’s real and what isn’t. One thing that is certain is that change will occur and businesses will need to react to change at a speed they’ve never experienced before to remain competitive. Of course, this applies just as much to IT Operations staff whose main concern is to ensure the SAP systems are stable and reliable as it does to innovative designers and developers who developing cutting edge technology.

The now widely accepted bimodal approach to IT, practices two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability, the other on exploration. Regardless of which area you area you currently work in, either mode 1 or mode 2, the IT, HANA and Project track hopefully contains some interesting topics or themes which make you want to attend the SBN Conference. While the program is still under development, some highlights are:

  • SAP’s VP for IT Operations, Joerg Bruch, will explain how SAP run their business like clockwork by using S/4 HANA and what their strategy is around versions, patching, security, landscape, use of cloud, new technology and future architecture.

  • S/4 HANA customer cases:
    A large shipping company in Qatar, Nakilat have been working together with Fujitsu for a number of years. They reversed a decision a few years ago to move off SAP after discovering the possibilities offered by SAP HANA. Hamad Suwaid, Nakilat’s IT Manager will explain Nakilat’s journey to S/4 HANA and their latest plans to move to the
    A local case of a recent S/4 HANA implementation

  • The S/4 HANA Best Practice implementation at Torvald Klaveness – Arild Bjørneng the Project Leader from Skye Consulting will explain how it is possible to use SAP’s Activate accelerators - SAP Best Practices and Solution Builder to speed up and optimise an S/4 HANA 1610 implementation. In addition, he’ll explain the use of Solution Manager 7.2 version in this project to address testing and documentation plus general insights and experience from moving to version 7.2.

  • Coop will share their experience and provide a practical demonstration of their upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2. This will include a look at new functionality they have taken in use as part of the upgrade with a special focus on how they will do their future testing by exclusively using Solution Manager.

  • There is a lot of hype about robotics and SAP are no less guilty than other companies in overselling its current capabilities. However, there is a tremendous amount of development in this area and Sopra Steria will help us to understand the current situation, trends and future possibilities. This session will be a combination of presentation and practical demonstrations of examples in the areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Stephan Nilsson from Skye will share what SAP customers are looking at using the blockchain in their SAP environments, and what it takes to implement it. The session will include an online demonstration and the plan is to have a customer in attendance to participate in the dialogue.

  • Biometric authentication is one of the latest technologies, which is in use for adding an additional layer of security to your SAP system. Fujitsu will explain in this session how SAP customers are using Fujitsu's palm scan technology to provide a securer, safer SAP system than ever before and the ease of implementation. You can apply this technology at various granular levels in SAP, if needed, such as tables, transactions, info types, fields, field values, buttons or whenever a critical activity is performed within SAP. Existing SAP security, roles and authorizations remain unchanged as the software sits on top of existing SAP security and GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance).

  • SAP Quality Awards for SAP Implementation – a customer experience on the value of participating in the Quality Awards and the long-term benefits it can bring in the planning and execution of your SAP projects.

We certainly hope to see you there and the program contains a number of presentations, topics and themes that are of particular interest to YOU.

Check out the IT,HANA,Projects Track here

posted by Martin Brownsword on 31/08/2017 10:48
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