SAP is the first company globally to modernize its pricing policy by inviting customers to an open, transparent discussion.

A small dedicated project team of selected people from the global user groups has been contributing to this discussion. 

SBN has appointed SAP pricing policy project to be a top priority project a for our members. We have allocated much time and resources to the project. We have contributed by collecting use-cases from our members to identify the area's of pain and low hanging fruits. Andries van Bruggen is contributing from us as a project member.

The project is own by SUGEN the International User Group where SBN is a member. The projekt leader comes from VNSG (the Dutch User Group). The president of SUGEN (from the French User Group) is a member of the project team which shows the priority the international User Group is showing this project. 


  Pricing indirect

The owner of the modernizing process in SAP is Hala Zeine. Please see her blog, to learn more about SAPs vision in the area of pricing. The blog is found on this link and is called "Modern Pricing for Modern Times"

Cut and paste from the blog:
Today’s technology landscapes are dynamic, interconnected and mission critical to the health and success of any business. In an agile world where digital reigns supreme, licensing complexity is getting in the way of innovation.

As we spoke to our user groups about how to address this, the topic of indirect access repeatedly came up.

Indirect access is a term created by our user groups to describe when a user accesses the SAP system via a third party or custom-made software. We decided to tackle this topic first through the lens of pricing modernization. Our objective was to make pricing predictable, linked to unit of value, transparent, and consistently applied. So what did we do?

We looked first at the areas that would have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people.

We found that approximately 80 percent of our
ERP customers
will benefit from our changes in three scenarios: 
-Order-to-Cash, and
-Indirect Static Read.

PS: Hala Zeine will be Key-Note speaker at the SBN conference in October. She would also like to the the opportunity being at the conference to meet our members.

  Hala Zeine SAP 


Below eMail from Rob Enslin (President, Cloud Business Group. Member of Executive Board) sent to SAP employees last week, shared by Yasmin Awad the Senior Vice President, Global User Groups Organization.  In this mail Rob Enslin refers to the tremendous help provided by the the User Groups.

"At SAPPHIRE 2016, Bill McDermott stood in front of more than 100k customers and made a commitment: Empathy for our customers.

During these 12 months, we have shown customers over and over how that pledge of empathy has turned into action. Customer commitment. Customer focus. The hallmark of SAP. 

Next week, we will share another example: changes to the indirect access licensing policy. Today’s technology landscapes are dynamic, interconnected and mission critical to the health and success of any business. In an agile world where data reigns supreme, customers don’t have the time or tolerance to manage complex licensing topics.

With tremendous help and support from our User Groups, SAP is the first company globally to modernize its pricing policy and lift the veil by inviting customers to an open, more transparent indirect access discussion.

Clear Pricing Policy for Most Common Indirect Access Scenarios

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP will begin publicly talking – for the first time ever - about pricing scenarios. Approximately 80% of our ERP customers will benefit from our changes to the three most common indirect scenarios: Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Static Read

  • Value is measured in outcomes. That is why the Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash scenarios will now be based on orders, a measurable business outcome for any business.
  • Static read access reinforces that a customer’s data is theirs. Just because the data was in the SAP system, doesn’t mean they should pay to view it when it is outside the SAP system. Static read is now included in the underlying software license. SAP leads the pack in addressing customer expectations related to this scenario."



Rob Enslin 

Min umiddelbare reaksjon er at jeg er ganske imponert.

Selv om det fortsatt oppstår mange spørsmål, virker den overordnede policyen klar og tydelig.

SBN President

Hans Butenschøn, SAP Programme Manager at Fred. Olsen Energy ASA




Hans Butenschon


License Day den 14 Juni lover å bli en spennende dag. Som vi nevnte i tidligere meldinger var temaet ‘Indirect Usage’ meget i fokus. Vi nevnte også at SBN er representert i en internasjonal prosjektgruppe som har arbeidet med dette tema. Etter mange aktiviteter og diskusjoner med SAP AG har SAP AG nå kommet med et nytt konsept vedr. Indirect Usage. Konseptet ble offentlig gjort Tirsdag den 16 Mai og vi får dermed en ypperlig anledning til å diskutere rundt det nye konseptet den 14 Juni. Se link agenda

Vi (SBN) håper dere finner dette interessant og ‘bombarderer’ oss med spørsmål som vi garanterer dere får en tilbakemelding på.

Andries van Bruggen, pricing project,
KeyAccount Mngr SBN-Adfahrer 



Andries van Bruggen


I'm impressed by the openness shown by SAP to discuss with its customers. Information about our Use-cases have been appreciated and the project team has been listened to.

We have from SBN seen the old pricing structure stop digitalisation efforts. It has been difficult to justify the business case and find the RoI based on the impact of what we call Indirect Access. This move to order-based pricing which I understand also will be volume related, high volumes will reduce the order price. This is very good initiative which we apreciate.


Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO SBN-Adfahrer





Eva-Maria Fahrer

Official e-mail from the SUGEN president:

Dear all, 
Today at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando (Florida), Bill Mc Dermott, SAP CEO, has formally announced the kick-off of the new licencing model concerning Order-to-Cash, Procurement-to-Pay and Static-Data-Read scenarii.

My mail here to you is to inform you that if we have arrived here, is also because of our commitment.

You probably remember the letter that SUGEN sent to Robert Enslin and Bernd Leukert in March - this letter was shared with all of you in order to keep you aligned.

I know also that many of you were asking updates about what has followed this letter, and yes, it could be that somehow I have been personally a little bit silent in giving you further elements. There was a reason behind this "silence" : things were going on and progressing, but still I personally considered that I owed you more than a simple "we move on" without giving you tangible results.

These results have now come, and personally I am more than happy in this first step. Yes first, because many other things are yet to be done, according to our role of "influencers" towards SAP.

I sent last week to Yasmin Awad, in preparation of a formal meeting she had with Hala Zeine, Jennifer Morgan and Adaire Fox-Martin on this specific topic a formal feedback as SUGEN Chairman.

This feedback is the production of CLT and Licence Charter people, and you will see that as SUGEN we have expressed appreciation for these first results, but also concerns and challenges.

We expect SAP to give their first elements in the next F2F meeting in Walldorf in two weeks.

I look forward to meeting you in Walldorf, for whose people that can come, in order to keep going on in our influence activities towards SAP.

Kind regards

Gianmaria PERANCIN
SUGEN Chairman and Core Leadership Team Member
USF - VP Relations Internationales / VC International Relationships - Paris / France



 Gianmaria Perancin



posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 16/05/2017 15:51
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