Maximilian Schneider

PLM, Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Maximilian Schneider will guide you through the changes which are happening in the industry due to the progressing Digitization. You will learn, how SAP customers transform their businesses, how Product Lifecycle Management evolves from engineering through Manufacturing to asset operations. You will understand the concept of Digital Twins and hear about the SAP product portfolio for engineering and asset management and operations. We will help you understand Leonardo in this context and give an outlook on the R&D and Assett Management roadmap.

Maximilian Schneider - VP SAP S/4HANA – PLM Core, LoB Research & Development, SAP SE

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 09:15 - 10:00

Audun Grimstad

Internet of Things (IoT) / Digital Twins to support equipment EFFECTIVENESS

Internet of Things (IoT) / Digital Twins to support equipment EFFECTIVENESS

Organizations can reap tremendous benefits by harnessing the massive amounts of data created during simulation and from data gathered by sensors on assets. By linking those diverse data sets, engineers can gain valuable insights into product behavior to improve future development and spur innovation. Additionally, they can develop hybrid models that fuse machine learning with deep physics simulation models to accurately predict how an asset can fail after it is deployed.

Connecting these insights to core business processes and to other asset management solutions from SAP — including SAP Enterprise Asset Management, SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service and SAP Asset Intelligence Network — represents a significant leap forward in SAP’s digital twin strategy.

SAP Predictive Engineering Insights is a cloud-based Internet of Things solution designed to create digital insights of industrial assets based on a real-time and predictive engineering analysis. It leverages SAP’s acquisition of Fedem Technology and helps to maximize the overall equipment effectiveness of industrial assets by increasing availability and performance.

The solution offers the end user significant advantages, a.o.:

The presentation will also cover the new SAP + ANSYS partnership on online Digital Twins that was announced in June: The partnership embeds ANSYS’ pervasive simulation solutions for digital twins into SAP’s market-leading digital supply chain, manufacturing and asset management portfolio.The partnership’s first solution, SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS, will run on SAP Cloud Platform and empower industrial asset operators to optimize operations and maintenance through real-time engineering insights, to reduce product cycle times and increase profitability.

Audun Grimstad - Business Development Director, SAP Norge AS

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 10:10 - 10:50

Elin Jackson

Kim Askild Jensen

Desktop automatisering ved et verktøy

Statkraft benytter Winshuttle som et fundament for den digitale reisen.

Forutsetningen for å ta neste skritt er desktop automatisering hvor Winshuttle egner seg godt for data konsolidering og standardisering av prosesser og masterdata.         

Winshuttle som verktøy bidrar til en stor tidsbesparelse og likeså kvalitativ gevinst idet det besørger ensartet oppdatering. Typiske eksempler i bruk er følgende;


Presentasjon vil forklare hvordan Statkraft bruker Winshuttle for både masterdata og transaksjonsbehandling.
Presentasjon og live demo. 

Elin Jackson, Statkraft AS, Kim Askild Jensen - SAP konsulent (MM, MDM, SRM, BPM/BRM), Bouvet Norge AS

Room: Finance and BA

16/10/2018 08:45 - 09:25

Nicholas O´Malley

Kristoffer Engh

How to use SAP as a platform to integrate all phases in the fish value chain  with the strength of blockchain?

Within year 2050, there will be a six fold increase in the economic turnover for the marine industries.

This means that export of fish will pass oil and become Norway's largest export product.

To make sure the industry can handle a 600 % growth, Skye has developed a Fish Industry solution specialized for the farming industry on top of SAP.

Traceability is an important part of the solution. Learn more how Skye are using SAP Best Practice together with Blockchain to support a secure integration of data connecting all the pieces together.

Nicholas O´Malley - Blockchain expert, EY Skye AS, Kristoffer Engh - Senior Technology Advisor, EY Skye AS

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 16:20 - 17:00

Greg Konieczka

Process excellence and practical benefits of SAP Transportation Management

Learn how SAP Transportation and Event Management can support your organization in reaching better operational performance, reducing transportation costs, integrating with service providers, optimize transportation planning and execution.

Examples how SAP TM and EM supported other companies. What is more, we will explain migration from SAP LE-TRA to a new SAP Transportation Management.

Practical benefits for Shippers, Carriers and Logistics Service Providers.


Greg Konieczka – Senior SCM Architect, Lomansys.


Greg Konieczka - Senior SCM Architect, Lomansys

Room: Logistics

16/10/2018 10:40 - 11:20

Tom Montgomery

Tom Stensrød

The Time Management System Revolution by Bouvet @ Aibel

The new Time Management System being implemented at Aibel’s yard in Haugesund will deliver minute perfect time writing direct from the factory floor to the people that use HR and PM/(PS?) and need this information the most. Agile, Automated and Accurate – discover the power of a modern digitized time writing system. 

Tom Montgomery, Bouvet Norge AS, Tom Stensrød - Enhetsleder SAP, Bouvet Norge AS

Room: HR & Remuneration

15/10/2018 15:20 - 16:00

Elisabeth Delbekk Tjørve

Geirr Winsnes

Harmonisering og styring av masterdata på Nortura baset på forretningsregler

Nortura tenker fremtidsrettet. Harmonisering og styring av masterdata med forretningsregler i SAP og it.mds. Elisabeth Delbekk Tjørve fra Matiq/Nortura vil presentere omkring deres utfordringer og erfaringer omkring masterdata. 

Elisabeth Delbekk Tjørve - System Consultant MDM, Matiq AS, Geirr Winsnes - Senior SAP Application Consultant, Project Manager, Team Lead, Itelligence

Room: Mix of topics 2

16/10/2018 09:45 - 10:25

Kristoffer Bostad

Med IoT blir mange ting ikke bare mulig, men også nyttig.

Dormakaba utvikler løsninger for både privat og business bruk. F.eks. låse opp dørene hjemme med en app, integrere tidsregistreringen og adgangskontrollen på jobben med SAP IoT og Leonardo.  Dormakaba IoT og SAP gir nye muligheter, bli med på et "mulighets-scenario" med Dormakaba".

Kristoffer Bostad, Dormakaba

Room: Mix of topics 2

16/10/2018 08:45 - 09:25

Thomas Seljevoll

Helene Eikaas

Managed Service Provider is tomorrow's solution for contingent workers.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) som er morgendagens løsning for innleid personell. - Den enkle vejen til Digitalisering, forenkling og besparelser

Hva er MSP i forbindelse med administrasjon av ekstern arbeidskraft, og hvordan bidrar det til å nå strategiske og forretningsmessige målsettinger?

MSP programmer for ekstern arbeidskraft er godt utviklet i det globale markedet og til dels i Skandinavia, men har fortsatt et stort potensial for vekst i Norge.

MSP hjelper bedrifter med smarte, innovative løsninger på håndtering av all ekstern arbeidskraft - kostnadsfritt for kunden.

Vi vil presentere hva MSP innebærer, hvordan det tas i bruk og hvilke fordeler det gir.


Thomas Seljevoll - Daglig Leder - Partner, Qualified Solutions AS, Helene Eikaas - Leder Kundedrift MSP, Qualified Solutions AS

Room: HR & Remuneration

16/10/2018 09:45 - 10:25

Janis Petersons

Chanakya Sharma

Smart Cart: revolution in retail with SAP Leonardo

Smart Cart" is an industrial IoT implementation that can revolutionize the way we interact with retail stores. By utilising Bluetooth LE beacons in combination with AI based computer vision and advanced edge processing, we can achieve a high-level consumer habit analysis without disrupting the existing infrastructure. Bluetooth beacons can make your stores smarter with a miniscule investment. By tracking your customer habits better, we can unlock personalised shopping experiences & in-depth analyses of big data that allows you to unlock upselling

Janis Petersons - Innovations Project Manager & SAP Cloud Platform, Technical Consultant, Accenture, Chanakya Sharma - SAP Transformation and Innovation Lead, Accenture AS

Room: Retail

15/10/2018 16:20 - 17:00

Chanakya Sharma

Janis Petersons

Disrupting Your Business with IoT in Logistics

IoT is one of the fastest growing technology innovation topics in the world now, as it allows for businesses to unlock new ways of optimising their processes in numerous different ways. In the session some of the most interesting real-world use cases developer by Accenture will be presented for container management & warehouse logistics. The 40 minutes will allow you to go through the possible journey for your business to unlock the possible disruptions of tomorrow and how to do so with using the Accenture Liquid Studio innovation network.

Chanakya Sharma - SAP Transformation and Innovation Lead, Accenture AS, Janis Petersons - Innovations Project Manager & SAP Cloud Platform, Technical Consultant, Accenture

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 14:00 - 14:40

Maximilian Schneider

Audun Grimstad

Meet-the-Experts session: Digital Product and Assets

Meet with Audun Grimstad and Maximilian Schneider to discuss the latest trends and SAP solutions in the areas of

Digital Twin
Closed Loop Engineering
Digitization of Products and Assets
Predictive Engineering Insights
PLM / Engineering / R&D for both Discrete and Process Industries

Maximilian Schneider - VP SAP S/4HANA – PLM Core, LoB Research & Development, SAP SE, Audun Grimstad - Business Development Director, SAP Norge AS

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 11:20 - 12:00

Tore Laupsa

Robotisering innen innkjøp Equinor

Bruk av robotic process automation (RPA) gir nye muligheter i eksisterende ERP system. Nye strategier muliggjøres og repetative oppgaver lar seg automatisere i løpet av uker.

Equinor deler erfaringer på:

Equinor har laget roboter som blant annet:

Tore Laupsa - Leader Supply chain management, OPMM PP PP1, Equinor

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 13:00 - 13:40

Trond Røvang

Transportation Management (TM)

SAP TM (Transportation Management) er ikke bare en fremtidsrettet «best of breed» løsning for transport og logistikk fra SAP. Løsningen inngår allerede som integrert en del av S/4HANA og vil i fremtiden være den eneste transportløsningen fra SAP. Gjennom en praktisk gjennomgang fra A til Å,  får du et godt overblikk over hva som skiller løsningen fra eksisterende LE-TRA og forhåpentligvis noen ideer til hvordan din virksomhet kan nyttiggjøre seg disse mulighetene.


Trond Røvang - Solution Architect, Solution Expert - SAP, Experienced IT Professional, Professional Presale, SAP Norge AS

Room: Logistics

16/10/2018 08:45 - 09:25

Trond Røvang

Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) er allerede en integrert del av S/4HANA og vil i fremtiden være den eneste lagerløsning som tilbys fra SAP. Det er derfor på tide at norske SAP kunder tar stilling til hvordan de vil møte fremtidens lager og logistikk-utfordringer med SAP.  Vi vil se på hvilke valgmuligeter man har og ikke minst dele praktiske eksempler på hvordan EWM styrker og hjelper virksomheter med å gi sine kunder en bedre logistikk og kundeopplevelse.


Trond Røvang - Solution Architect, Solution Expert - SAP, Experienced IT Professional, Professional Presale, SAP Norge AS

Room: Logistics

16/10/2018 09:45 - 10:25

Tim Greni

SAP Leonardo "for Dummies"

SAP Leonardo is the newest hype in the SAP ecosystem, everyone is talking about it, but most people do not yet understand what it is. What is SAP Leonardo? On a high level what you need to know about SAP’s Leonardo platform to understand the concept and see  the possibilities you get from Leonardo.

Tim Greni - Head of Presales Norway & Baltics SAP, SAP Norge AS

Room: Mix of topics 1

15/10/2018 10:10 - 10:50

Alex Bulat

Tomasz Wysocki

Trusted goods are the future of customer experience and brand loyalty

We are at a huge cross road in time! Even though it may not feel like it, it is as big when we moved from hunter gathers to farming and when we moved from farming to industries. Technology is entering all aspects of our lives! The big disruptors are AI, IoT and Blockchain, but as a company where do you start? What value will this bring to my business? How tested are these technologies? How do you make your business future proof?

Alex Bulat - Alex Bulat- van den Wildenberg, Capgemini, Tomasz Wysocki - Senior Project Manager / Managing Consultant - SAP Center of Excellence, Capgemini Sverige AB

Room: Logistics

15/10/2018 15:20 - 16:00

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