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Internet of Things (IoT) / Digital Twins to support equipment EFFECTIVENESS

Internet of Things (IoT) / Digital Twins to support equipment EFFECTIVENESS

Organizations can reap tremendous benefits by harnessing the massive amounts of data created during simulation and from data gathered by sensors on assets. By linking those diverse data sets, engineers can gain valuable insights into product behavior to improve future development and spur innovation. Additionally, they can develop hybrid models that fuse machine learning with deep physics simulation models to accurately predict how an asset can fail after it is deployed.

Connecting these insights to core business processes and to other asset management solutions from SAP — including SAP Enterprise Asset Management, SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service and SAP Asset Intelligence Network — represents a significant leap forward in SAP’s digital twin strategy.

SAP Predictive Engineering Insights is a cloud-based Internet of Things solution designed to create digital insights of industrial assets based on a real-time and predictive engineering analysis. It leverages SAP’s acquisition of Fedem Technology and helps to maximize the overall equipment effectiveness of industrial assets by increasing availability and performance.

The solution offers the end user significant advantages, a.o.:

The presentation will also cover the new SAP + ANSYS partnership on online Digital Twins that was announced in June: The partnership embeds ANSYS’ pervasive simulation solutions for digital twins into SAP’s market-leading digital supply chain, manufacturing and asset management portfolio.The partnership’s first solution, SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS, will run on SAP Cloud Platform and empower industrial asset operators to optimize operations and maintenance through real-time engineering insights, to reduce product cycle times and increase profitability.

Audun Grimstad - Business Development Director, SAP Norge AS

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