In this meeting the following topics will be introduced:

  • Project Preparation – building commitment
  • Project approach
  • Project/program organisation
  • Key project challenges and accelerators
  • What next?

All subjects will be introduced and based on the input from the attendants at the meeting, the next meeting will be deep-dive into one of the above the subjects.



Velkommen & Registrering

v/Andries van Bruggen, SBN


New Area for Project Managers

v/Martin Brownsword

This will be led by a very experienced project leader and will give you ideas and input for your daily work as project leader.
The presentation will be in english but questions and discussion can be in Norwegian.

Martin has more than 20 years of SAP project experience.

He comes from a senior IT Leader role in GE Healthcare (formerly Nycomed Amersham). He has led or program managed a full range of SAP projects from international, business transformational programs to technical upgrades the last 20 years. Martin established the initial SAP Customer Competency Centre in Nycomed with support from SAP and further developed it into a fully international, cost effective Centre of Excellence within the GE IT organisation. In recent years he has taken on the challenge of trying to introduce Agile methods into the strict, regulatory governed, project environment demanded by the pharmaceutical industry. Additional challenges included balancing high quality, on time project delivery with cost effective, sourcing models, introducing accelerators to seriously reduce overall project leadtime and ensuring precision, clockwork delivery of SAP releases with high business benefit content.


Matin Brownsword




Smidig overgang fra prosjekt til forvaltning

v/Jan Olav Arnegård, Advizory AS


Kunnskapsledelse i ERP-prosjekter

v/Hans Buttenschøn, Dolphin Drilling AS


Opsamling & Indsamling af forslag 

v/Andries van Bruggen, SBN

Andries van Bruggen 

Location and Time

Akersgata1, Oslo, 13:00 - 15:00


IT, HANA, Projects


Price Info:

  • Free for our member* SAP Customers until 10 days before, then 975,- 
  • Free for our member* consultants and third-party vendors until 30 days before the event, then 1.500,-. The last 10 days 1.900,
  • Non Members 4.500,- until 10 days before, then 4.900,-

*)The number of simultaneous free attendants at one event, is related to the size of your Member-package.

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Ragnvald Ajer Akselera Norway AS
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Hans Butenschøn Dolphin Drilling AS
Tonje Rosli Frontica Business Solutions AS
Thor Næss GAVDI Norge
Lionel Layerle Sariba Consulting AS
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Jannike Valavuo Tyldum Zalaris HR Services AS
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