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The real challenge,

how to embrace the new opportunities that lies ahead of us.

  • Join in to learn about the opportunities of a Digital Twin of a Wind Turbine producing Renewable Energy.
  • Renewable Energy is a growing and future-proof business area
  • Gartner has named Digital Twins as one of the top ten strategic technology trends important for IoT.
  • Society and industry are eager to adopt new innovative solutions.
  • Solutions that deliver real and tangible values are sought after.
  • Gartner expects 21 billion IoT endpoints by 2020 and a 35% annual growth rate in years to come.

Join and learn in this Hackathon!

  • Compete against teams from 5 Nordic universities
  • Your team will design, build and launch ideas that enable new insight.
  • You will learn and gain experience of a state-of-the-art cloud-based development platform from SAP
  • All deliverables are intellectual property and belong to the creator.
  • Detailed event description with timeline on this link
Wind Turbine

The Case is on Renewable Energy

  • A Digital Twin and Run data
  • A dataset from the wind power industry
  • Description and 3D model data for a specific wind turbine installation including data from a running instance of a digital twin. 
  • Read more about the case and the data on this link

Business executives will evaluate your results

Ørsted    Siemens  Vattenfall  
Statoil    Vestas


Try the SAP Cloud Platform  SAP

  • You will receive a learning package containing 
    an easily accessible, educational material, including tutorials and videos.


Accenture Hackathon Renewable Energy Digital Twin SAP

Nordic Sponsor and the enabler of this amazing event


PS: interested in becoming visible at this "hot" event attracting the best students?
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The Reward; 10.000,-Hackathon (Picture from

  • The Prize Money for the best overall Hackathon solution is 10.000SEK/NOK/DKK (Local Currency)
  • In addition, the team with the Hackathon idea which has the best:
    1. Originality and creativity will be rewarded with 1000SEK/NOK/DKK
    2. Potential business value, both short term and long term 1000SEK/NOK/DKK
    3. Technological quality, with focus on new and emerging developments 1000SEK/NOK/DKK

  • Signed Diploma.
  • Endorsement in your LinkedIn profile on Renewable Energy.

Who can participate?

  • BSc or MSc students, typically in engineering/ICT subjects, but also other study tracks can be relevant. 
  • Register your interest, organiser supports with the team building
  • Teams have 6 members
  • 18 students = 3 Teams from each university

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Contact persons

SBN-Adfahrer AB
EM Fahrer | +46 70 5697808, em[at]

Aalborg University
Contact: Charles Møller, M.Sc.EE., Ph.D. | Charles[at] | +45 9940 7101
Aalborg University
Att: Charles Møller, +45 9940 7101
Fibigerstræde 16, Room: 2.119
9220 Aalborg

Chalmers University of Technology

Contact: Elad Schiller, Docent | elad.schiller[at] | +46-31-772 1052
Chalmers University of Technology
Att: Elad Schiller, +46 31 772 10 52
Rännvägen 6 (Room No 5110A)
S-412 96 Göteborg

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 
Contact: Björn Thuresson, Senior Researcher | thure[at] | +46 704-460164
Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Visualiseringsstudion VIC
Att: Björn Thuresson, + 46 704-460164
Lindstedtsvägen 5, plan 4, rum 4450.
114 28 Stockholm

NTNU (University Trondheim)
 Terje Rølvåg, Professor | terje.rolvag[at] | +47 40065114
Att: Terje Rølvåg, +47 40065114
Richard Birkelands veg 2B
7491 Trondheim

University of Oslo, SIRIUS organisation, 
Contact: Dr. David B. Cameron, Centre Coordinator | davidbc[at] | + 47 48084637
University of Oslo
Institutt for informatikk
Att: Dr. David B. Cameron, + 47 48084637
Gaustadalleen 23B
0373 Oslo

Copenhagen University
Adress: SAP Denmark, Experience Centre, Lautrupsgade 11,
2100 København,

SAP University Engagements, Adam Dudits | adam.dudits[at]
SAP Cloud Software, Dietmar Steinbichler | dietmar.steinbichler[at]
SAP Oil&Gas, Joseph Rouhana | joseph.rouhana[at]

Oslo, Martin Brownsword, IT/CIO customer contacts | mb[at] | +47 91711593
Trondheim, Bernt Bakken, Oil&Gas, | bb[at] | +47 48034248
Aalborg, Cathrine Kjær, | ck[at] | +45 51295638
Stockholm, Joakim Löves, Meeting Technology, | jl[at] | +46 70 667 65 68
Gothenburg, EM Fahrer | em[at] | +46 70 569 78 08

EM Fahrer Hackathon


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Questions? Call me or send an e-mail:  EM Fahrer | em[at] | +46 70 569 78 08          

Location and Time

Oslo, Trondheim, Aalborg, Stockholm and Gothenburg, 21 Sep 11:00 - 22 Sep 14:00


IT, HANA, Projects, Our Sharing, Logistics



Number of participants: 39

Person Company
Mathias Damgaard Andersen AAU
Balazs Peter Erdosi AAU
Matias Rizk Haddad AAU
Rasmus Hagen-Pedersen AAU
Patrick Jordan AAU
Simon Thayalan AAU
Joachim Thygesen AAU
Martin Høgh Andreasen Aalborg University
Mads Bøtcher Jensen Aalborg University
Martin Christensen Aalborg University
Clara Dubar Aalborg University
Mikkel Duval Aalborg University
Alexander Hakonsen Aalborg University
Rasmus Frost Hvarregaard Aalborg University
Kasper Krogh Loeppenthien Aalborg University
Marcus Madsen Aalborg University
Alexandar Michkel Mariegaard Aalborg University
Arshad Masood Aalborg University
Niththilan Muralithas Aalborg University
Daniel Phillips Aalborg University
Lasse Rosing Aalborg University
Jonas Rydeng Aalborg University
Jonas Søndergaard Sørensen Aalborg University
Abdulwaduud Aden Aalborg University
Nicklas Nielsen Aalborg University
Arnthor Gunnarsson Aalborg University, university
Jithinraj Sreekumar Chalmers
Dr. Nenad Keseric Equinor ASA
Hans Butenschøn Fred. Olsen Energy ASA
Mihai Chiru Greenlytics
Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi Greenlytics
Christian Johansen NTNU
Cathrine Kjær Christensen SDK - Adfahrer Denmark
Alexander Hjelm Studio RAZE
Kai Jeu Chiem Universitet of Oslo
Haiyue Chen Universitetet i Oslo
Larry Parker Universitetet i Oslo
Daniel Sharifi Universitetet i Oslo
Sweden (Head office)

Adfahrer AB
P.O. Box 131
182 12 Danderyd


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