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Background: the rise of Digital Twins

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twins are on the rise. Gartner has named Digital Twins as one of the top ten strategic technology trends for 2017. They expect 21 billion IoT endpoints by 2020, and a 35% annual growth rate in years to come.

IoT and Digital Twins are considered to have passed the first camel hump on the hype cycle by many, but the real challenge lies ahead of us. Both industry and society at large are eager to adopt new innovative solutions that will deliver insight and understanding providing real and tangible value to end users.

Hackathon event description

  • You are invited to a 24 hr “hackathon” application development competition
  • You will be part of a team that will compete against teams from other Nordic universities
  • During those 24 hours, your team will design, build and launch solutions that enable new insight, understanding and decision support related to the operations of large-scale industrial assets.
  • This event will let you learn and gain experience of a state-of-the-art cloud-based development platform from SAP
  • Your team will have access to information, models and data from a real, operative wind turbine

Team composition and competence

  • BSc or MSc students, typically in engineering/ICT subjects, but also other study tracks are relevant as team members
  • Teams can have 3-6 members. There can be several teams from each university.
  • At least some of the team members should have basic skills in software system development, user interface design and computer programming
  • In addition, the following competencies is likely to be relevant:
    • Engineering and structural analysis
    • Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Project management/team management
    • Economics and business process development
    • Innovation and creative design, communication

Case description

  • A data set from the wind power industry will be provided. This data set will cover:
    • Description and 3D model data for a specific wind turbine installation
    • Time series data from sensors installed on the turbine
    • Time series data related to other operating parameters (power production, wind speed and direction, etc.)
    • A running instance of a digital twin of the wind turbine, with corresponding digital twin output data
  • Your solution might comprise many different aspects. For example, you can include:
    • Innovative ways to monitor the wind turbine operations, using text, plots, 3D models, etc.
    • New insights into operations using data analysis, machine learning or artificial intelligence, or by engineering analysis methods
    • Connection to social media to support business processes and communication

SAP cloud platform - educational material

Before the event, you will receive a package containing easily accessible educational material relevant for the Hackathon event, including documentation, tutorials, videos, etc. SAP products and technologies to be used will comprise the following:

  • me - web-based platform for designing enterprise apps, from simple sketches to interactive mock-ups (see: ). This includes an extensive gallery of configurable UI components and tools
  • SAP Analytics Cloud – develop solutions for business intelligence based on predictive analytics and machine learning technology
  • SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit – an open platform containing end-to-end services, capabilities and tools for software developers to build, extend and integrate applications. Supports many programming languages (java, javascript, python, c#, …) and web technologies.
  • SAP Web IDE

Thus, the overall solution might be a mix of components, where some are developed from scratch, some are simple outlines/mock-ups and some re-use existing or slightly modified components.


  • You will compete against the other teams to develop the best overall solution. The teams will be judged in the same manner independent of team size. There will be an award for the winning team. There will also be a secondary award for the most collaborative team.
  • The evaluation panel will comprise judges from SAP, academia and professional industry experts
  • The judging criteria will be:
    • Originality and creativity of idea(s) (25%)
    • Potential business value, both short term and long term (25%)
    • Technological quality, with focus on new and emerging developments (25%)
    • Overall quality of solution
  • The final evaluation will be based on a deep review of the final solution from each team, as well as a “pitching” session. Thinking out of the box will be rewarded and collaboration within and across sites will be judged as previously stated as a separate reward.
  • Each team makes a pitch “sell-in” video with a maximum length of 4 minutes to present their solution. This video will be seen, evaluated and will be voted on by the panel of judges and the other teams. The video should be made up of the following three main elements:
  1. Solution concept – what the solution does and its area of usage,
  2. The target group for the solution,
  3. The benefits of the solution to the target group

The total number of votes is the decisive factor

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Location and Time

16 Mar 11:00 - 17 Mar 14:00


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