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The Great Wall of China may have succeeded as an exercise in power or a feat of construction. But as a security strategy, it was a failure. Similarly, a cybersecurity strategy focused on building strong enough borders around the company will fail. It’s impossible to keep all the bad guys out. As more of a company’s data and its business processes become distributed, it’s cybersecurity strategy must become much more far-reaching.

The good news is that even as digital technologies increase cybersecurity risk, they can also help mitigate it. Many cloud providers, for example, are taking a more robust approach to security strategy than their customers might. New technologies like machine learning and Big Data analytics can strengthen security protections. Of course, the hackers can — and will — take advantage of these powerful technological advancements, as well. The race is on.

Companies who embrace trust and security as competitive advantages will build security into their digital ecosystems at each layer. Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer of SAP, will discuss the challenges,npotential impacts, and possible solutions — and then look at how SAP is working to secure customer businesses now and in the future.

Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer,SAP

Justin Somaini heads the SAP Global Security (SGS) unit in the board area of Products & Innovation, reporting to Bernd Leukert, member of the SAP Executive Board.

With more than 17 years of information security experience, he is responsible for SAP’s overall security strategy, ensuring that SAP and our customers have a consistent and convenient security experience and establishing SAP as a recognized and trusted leader in the industry. In his role Justin develops, implements, and manages SAP’s overall policies, standards, and guidelines in accordance with the SAP Security Strategy as well as ongoing SAP security initiatives to meet the emerging international IT and cyber security environments and data protection and privacy laws worldwide.

Before joining SAP in 2015, Justin was Chief Trust Officer at Box, the world's leading enterprise software platform for content collaboration. In his position he was responsible for working globally and collaboratively across Box's growing customer base, technical-operations, and business-development teams to ensure the company is consistently delivering on its information security commitments, investing to meet the rapidly evolving security environment, and building transparent, deeply trusted relationships with its customers. Prior to Box, Justin held the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Yahoo!, driving security planning and operations for the company. Prior to Yahoo!, he was CISO of Symantec. He developed the company's Information Security Enterprise Risk Management process, worked cross-functionally to manage critical incidents to resolution, and drove implementation of controls for both a significant threat environment and regulatory needs. In addition to his roles at Yahoo! and Symantec, Justin was Director of Information Security at Verisign and an advisor to Qualys, Palo Alto Networks, Sentinel Labs, SourceClear, Solve Media, and others.

Justin holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Drexel University, Philadelphia.

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