A SAP Knowledge Building subscription for your company comes with a lot of benefits:




Start, lead or join an Innovation Team.
The teams meet a couple of times per year.


Workshops and seminars

Attend workshops and seminars.


Valuable new skills

Attend sessions on relevant topics.
Get access to the recordings.


Network expansion

Join teams and network with others.


Access our Community

Search valuable info and discuss with others.


SBN Conference discount

Our members get a special price
when attending the annual SBN Conference.


Nordic community

Shared knowledge in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 


100 SAP customers

100 SAP customer companies
already got a subscription.

Together we can influence the future
of system developments by SAP.


Get support from our Seniors

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Choose from 4 different (12 month) SAP Knowledge Building subscriptions

SAP Knowledge Building subscription

Access for 1 person at 
Innovation Team meetings


SAP Knowledge Building subscription

Access for 3 people at 
Innovation Team meetings

2.400 EUR*

SAP Knowledge Building subscription

 Access for 8 people at 
Innovation Team meetings

4.400 EUR*

SAP Knowledge Building subscription

Access for 25** people at 
Innovation Team meetings

9.500 EUR*

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Get support from our Seniors

In your subscription you have access to our Seniors support between 9:00 and 16:00 on weekdays.
The support is included in the Medium, Large and XL packages. 

Martin Brownsword 

Martin Brownsword

Former IT manager in the pharmaceutical
industry with extensive experience.

In charge of the IT architecture,
projects and project portfolios.

See Martins Project Leadership, IT and HANA events here.

Didrik Arstad 

Didrik Arstad

Former Finance Manager of one of
Norway's largest corporations.

With extensive experience in IT to
support the finance processes and to
purchase and implement solutions
for process support.

See Didrik Finance and BI events here

Bernt Bakken 

Bernt Bakken

Former SAP Regional Lead in the
Oil & Gas sector Been involved in
global SAP implementation projects
and support for SAP users globally.
Have participated SAP Oil & Gas Advisory
Counsil for a number of years.

Responsible for Logistics, Master Data
and Energy processes.

See Bernts logistic events here

  Andries van Bruggen

Andries van Bruggen

Andries has a background as IT manager and is responsible for the group that discusses license models and indirect access.

In the future world of IoT, sensors etc. license and license-related questions will no longer only be between customer and supplier, but a complete area of knowledge.


 EM Fahrer

Eva-Maria Fahrer

Experience of SAP and IT since the end of the eighties. She has led SAP stakeholders in many areas since the early nineties, and writes articles on trends.

See our HR and e-com, Hybris and CRM events here



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