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SBN is the official Norwegian User Group for SAP Customers. SAP Customers and partners from other countries are welcome. Our events are run in the nordic languages or english. The daily administration is run by Adfahrer.

SBN's mission is to help our customers to select the best solutions and support them to get the most value out of their SAP investments. We also support our customers and help them choose the best solutions when it is time to renew or exchange their IT solutions.

Our SBN community is built by customers from the Nordic countries and we emphasize Nordic collaboration. All information can be received in english or local language. The english homepage is www.adfahrer.com. Our community has 3 local language webpages;

  1. SAP-SBN.no, the Norwegian official SAP community (in Norwegian).
  2. SAP-SDK.dk, is a Danish SAP community (in Danish).
  3. ADSIG.se, is a Swedish SAP community (in Swedish).

Hans Butenschøn, Fred Ohlsen Energy

Hans Butenschøn,

Fred Ohlsen Energy

President of SBN


Eva-Maria Fahrer

Eva-Maria Fahrer,

Adfahrer AB



The SAP community was founded in 1993 and is joining customers from all the Nordic countries.

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We support our customers.
We advice and reply to questions from our customers. We arrange “customer to customer" knowledge exchange, we help to influence SAP and support to find the right knowledge or partner to solve their challenges.

We arrange successful events, webinars, seminars, Innovation Team meetings and conferences, depending on the subject or demand. For more details on upcoming events see the homepage and the submenu “events”. Read more about  the member and partner offers here.

Sustainability and good ethics are extremely important values considered in every decision we make. The financial records of the community are transparent. The legal entities are chosen to protect our Leadership teams from financial risk. The transparency makes it possible to review our financial reports on public financial sites. Adfahrer which is the company that administers the networks is a healthy, self-funded, private limited company where 100% of the shares are owned by the family Fahrer. Adfahrers founders are active full time to ensure a long-term perspective, and active involvement in our customers and their operations.

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